Emma’s Birthday Party

Do a makeup and dress up to join the fancy birthday party!

Emma’s birthday is coming, she’s thinking about throwing a big birthday party and inviting all her friends to come over. And yes, we’ve all got invited to Emma’s birthday party, yeah!!! Come on in, Let’s find out what great fun we can have on the best birthday party ever. 
Oh, look over there, a salon room, girls definitely can’t miss this luxurious salon, where you can get relaxed, cleaned and fragrant, this is just fantastic. Of course an outstanding makeup is absolutely necessary on this special occasion, a sparkling make up makes us look much more elegant and gorgeous than usual, it’s thrilled just think about it. Wow, check it out, a dreamed wardrobe with tons of classy and chic dresses, it’s so hard to decide which one I should put on. Hmmm, why not try them one by one because I love them all, haha. Whoa!! A birthday cake DIY room, where we can make a birthday cake for the birthday party, this is just great!!!  Woo-hoo, photographs can be taken on this party, and the lights color can be changed as we like, great!! Can’t miss the great chance to take selfies with my besties. The gifts room is full of presents, can’t wait to see what Emma has got for her birthday.
I bet we’ll definitely have fun tonight!

Product Features:
- A wonderful birthday party salon games ever
- The main character Emma and hers other 4 adorable friends to play with
- A luxurious salon features make you feel relaxing and energetic
- Tons of different styles makeup with sparkling beauties on eyes, faces and lips
- Perfect occasion to put on the classy and chic dresses
- Various trendy accessories to put on
- Photography with self-made shinning scenes
- Make a unique birthday cake for the birthday party
- Have great fun to open the mysterious gifts with friends

How to play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game
- Start by choosing your favorite character, Emma or her 4 good friends
- Our first stop is the salon room, where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself
- Then we can move to the makeup room and work with these fantastic cosmetics to get a perfect look
- Oh, don't forget to dress yourself up with fancy dress and funky accessories for the birthday party
- Woohoo, we can design the very own birthday cake for the birthday party, fantastic. choose your favorite flavor from chocolate, strawberry, cherry and more, decorate it with various fruits, candies and other decorations
- Take photos with your besties on this special occasion, decorate the room with different lights, cakes and more
- Wow, so many gifts, can’t wait to open them all
- Stars can be collected during the playing, it can be used to unlock stuff locked by stars