Princess Mermaid - Girls Makeup, Dressup Games

Take the pearl the princess gives you and enjoy the time in the undersea world!
App Description

Deep down in the ocean, there’s a magic kingdom where the mermaids live. People heard stories about them for thousands of years, yet no one never saw them. But one day, the beautiful Princess Mermaid personally invite you to her palace, because she’s going to throw a beauty party recently and need a human stylist, you are the chosen one!!! Isn’t it thrilled to finally get the chance to see what undersea palace exactly looks like? Don’t hesitate, take the pearl the princess gives you and enjoy the time in the undersea world.


Product Features:

-        Explore the mysterious world with beautiful Princess Mermaid!

-        Tons of different nail polish and decorations to choose from. Expand your imagination and create the most unique nail.

-        Lots of distinctive ocean makeover worth of trying, which will broaden your mind in a different way.

-        Magnificent dresses and stunning decorations that made of the ocean products. You can style the Princess Mermaid any way you like.

-        Beautiful undersea sceneries all around you, don’t forget take pictures for the princess and her friends.

-        Collect pearls while playing games, unlock more fancy stuff.


How to play:

Use interactive devices to play the game, start with clicking the “play” button on home page.

Let’s start with nail design, this part could be challenging but definite fun, try to design a distinctive but graceful nail for princess mermaid with those nail polish and decorations. Then we can work with these stunning cosmetics to put on an exquisite makeover for princess mermaid. There are numerous dress and decorations to choose from, all of them are made of the original undersea product, and you’ll never get the chance to see on land. Come on and give princess mermaid the most classy and gorgeous look. Finally, don’t forget take photos for princess mermaid after you give her such a breathtaking look.