Magic Royal Princess School

Come and join the Magic Royal Princess School!
App Description

Ann was an ordinary girl lived with a big dream, she hoped that one day she could be as elegant and confident as a real princess. And now, her dream is about to come true, because she gets the acceptance letter from Magic Royal Princess School. As long as she successfully graduates from the school, she can earn the title as Princess Ann. Today is the day that Ann leave for school, she is so excited and nervous about the new life. Fortunately, Gloria, her guardian unicorn will help her through.

What life could be there in Magic Royal Princess School? Will Ann overcome all the difficulties and earn the Princess title? Let’s find out in the game!

Product Features:

- Per the instructions given by Gloria to start your courses in school

- At the Massage House, a comfortable massage drives away all your tiredness and helps you relax completely.

- Then, let’s check in the SPA center, a place where you can learn how to take care of your facial skin and feel relaxing and energetic.

- And now we’re moving to the Makeup Castle to work with those fantastic cosmetics. Tons of different sparkling beauties on eyes, faces and lips, be creative and put on yourself a breathtaking makeup.

- Being a real princess must dress properly at any time, look at those dazzling dresses and accessories, learn the princess dress code and say goodbye to the old dress style, let’s dress up!

- And yes, we can’t miss any details about ourselves, even the nail. Therefore, nail design is a must to know skill. Be a creative manicure stylist, design your very own special nail.

- Competing Center is the place to check all your study outcomes, just show the examiners how well you’ve mastered the beauty skills.

- As a princess, you must be both classy and independent at the same time, decorate your dorm with the prize you got, make it a comfy and nice place to stay.

- Stars can be collected during the playing, it can be used to unlock stuff locked by stars

- Diamond can be collected while you finish the tasks in every house, and your guardian unicorn will be upgraded once you collect all the diamond in one certain level. More beauty items are available by then.

- After finishing all 5 levels’ tasks, you will graduate and earn the title as Princess

How to play:

Use interactive controls to play the game, start with clicking the “play” button on home page.

Follow the instructions of Gloria and start to experience Ann’s school life. A comfortable massage is inevitable to start a day and after that you can move to SPA center to learn how to take care of your facial skin. And then, we can work with those stunning cosmetics to put on an exquisite makeup. Nail design can be creative and challenging, try to make your nail delicate with those fancy nail polish and decorations. The Dress Building provides you numerous dress to choose. Get yourself in a classy and decent look to compete with others. Oh, don’t forget decorate your room, it would be nice to have a cozy place stay after a day’s exhausting study!