Flower Princess - Beauty Journey

Come with Flower Princess to take beauty journey!
App Description
Beautiful clothes to the most beautiful girl, the best cosmetics to the most like to dress up the girl, "Flower Princess" has a lot of beautiful clothes, you can dress up their own, you can also take pictures of your sister, let them see to you is a pretty little princess.

-Open the most beloved skin care hut
There are a variety of flowers to create skin care products, which is not only miss the beauty of each product Oh!

-Into the fantasy forest beauty makeup
Cosmetics dazzling, come to a skill to draw a full of forest flavor of the exquisite makeup it!

-Enrich your fancy wardrobe
Mass clothing, a variety of styles for the daily dress with unlimited possibilities and inspiration.

-Use love to take care of your wonderful sunflowers
In the sun flower room sowing flowers, to provide them with plenty of sunshine and rain, you can harvest a lot of sunshine, used to buy the favorite cosmetics and clothes.

Follow me to dressing beautiful clothes ,transformed into a beautiful princess!