Rockstar Girl – High School Rock Band Mania

Dramatic rock band live concert will be held, let’s dress up and prepare to enjoy it!
App Description

Do you ever dreamed to have a rock band and give a concert at the gym? How about dressing up in the fashionable Rockstar outfits, performing on stage and show off your rockstar moves!

Emma with her band play hard to prepare for the live concert after school, and now she needs your help. Come to join a memorable rockstar adventure and help Emma to her biggest live concert!

How to play:

You can choose a new hair style for her and dye her hair. A rock girl always want to make her hair out of the ordinary. Drag the tools to make the hair change. A glamourous makeover is also very important. Choose these different kinds of cosmetics to give her a fresh makeup. Don’t be nervous to make a bold trial. Next, choose outfits for her, make sure she looks sparkly on the stage and don’t forget to wear accessories. Before going to the stage, make sure the music instrument looks perfect. Do some DIY on the guitar is a nice choice. Then, decorate the stage to create an awesome set for the band! Honor Hall have medals of honor, when you get a higher skill, you can earn a new title. Oh, there’s no time to wait! Are you really for the big show tonight? Put on a huge show in front of your fans! Let’s rock!

Product Features:

- Simple way to change the hair style and give the hair stylish color.

- Numerous fancy makeovers with sparkling beauties on eyes, faces and lips.

- Choose those most glamorous dresses, outfits and accessories.

- Design your unique guitar and rock out!

- Decorate the stage to create a fancy set for the band.

- Earn the metals of honor and see the title in the honor hall.

- Stay up-to-date with your rock star schedule via in-game to do list.

- Each step of your efforts can earn fans. Giving a live concert can earn tons of fans!

- Perform on stage before the audience! You are a real rock star!