PJ Party - Crazy Night with BFF

Crazy pajamas party is about to start, let’s dress up and have a great time!
App Description

Summer vacation finally arrives, yeah!!!!!!!

Emma is sooooo excited because she finally gets the chance to have her crazy pajamas party that she has planned for a long time with her besties. They are gonna do all the crazy things and stay up all night.

Night falls and let’s get the party started! Come on!! it’s gonna be a total blast!

There are so many creative and awesome slumber party activities tonight. Have a relaxing SPA with any facial masks that prepared for you. Put on the crazy and silly makeup and play pranks with your friends. Paint your finger nail with different polish colors and art decorations. Dressed up with your favorite PJs and show off in front of your besties! Design your own sleepover party room and DIY the pillow as you want. A pajamas party won’t be perfect without the pillow fight, so grab the pillow and let’s have the craziest pillow fight tonight!!!

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Product Features:

- Relax yourself with the most luxurious & fun spa treatments!

- Put on any style of makeover you like. Tons of lipsticks, eyeshadow, blush and more other cosmetics for your choice!

- Dress up with any style of PJs! You can choose from sexy, fluffy, adorable, cozy or any other style you like. Don’t forget to wear slippers!

- Get yourself and your BFFs a professional manicure, choose from tons of polish colors and other nail art options!

- Design the PJ party room exactly as you want, with balloons, wall decorations, sleeping tent and other stuffs.

- Personalize your perfect pillow, embellish it with patterns, lace and other decorations.

- Have a crazy pillow fight with all your best friends!

- Don’t forget take a gorgeous photo with your girlfriends!